The Night Owl Sessions program motivate, inspire, and inform curious young people about opportunities in the music industry. Guided by highly skilled professionals, participants experience workshop scenarios focusing on the fundamentals of the music business. We encourage youth to continue their career interest in the arts in instrumentation or creative expression while exploring the technical and fundamentals of additional opportunities in the entertainment industry.


Once a student aspires to a career in music, their options are endless. Most students are unaware of the many jobs directly related to music performance. These jobs and positions are in every city and town. Students mentored in Owl Music Group’s Night Owl Sessions are encouraged to consider a career in music that will generate a broad income stream leading to a successful and rewarding career. This path points the way in developing key skills of collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication. 

In partnerships with local schools, Owl Music Group’s Night Owl Sessions provides project-based activities that supplement classroom teaching. By pairing 21st-century teaching skills with engaging hands-on activities, students benefit from a powerful and meaningful learning experience. Students first focus on the fundamentals of the music business then break out into study tracks for specialized learning in these areas:  

• Broadcasting

• Lighting production

• Set Design

• Live audio production

• Musical Directing

• Vocal Directing

• Music Videography

• Music Photography

• Digital Media Marketing

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